Health IT Issues that Deserve a Second Read – October 2020

One of the ways that HealthIT Answers is different from other media sites is the sense of community. The thought leaders in our community are good about sharing their thoughts on the issues of today. We publish at least eight guest posts a week now, so in case you missed some, here are the top ten read and shared guest posts in the month of October. You can also read previous month’s Top Ten Lists. Thank you for contributing and reading.

Most Played Radio Episode in October

From Paradigm Shift of Healthcare, physicians historically have been some of the fastest adopters of new tech, according to Dr. Ray Costantini, CEO and co-founder of What they resist is tech that doesn’t make their jobs easier. In this episode, you’ll learn about the new health tech adoption cycle, bringing better tools to clinicians, and long-term challenges that providers face as they work to integrate telehealth.

Most Read Thought Leader Posts in October

Time to Refocus on Population Health Strategies
By John N. Kastanis, FACHE, MBA, JNK Consultants
Twitter: @kastanis_n

As we continue to navigate the unknowns of the current pandemic, it appears we are still a long way off from living in a true post-COVID-19 era. Only when we are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to deal with new types of SARS viruses, including effective new treatments and vaccines, will we truly move forward. Continue reading…

Plummeting ED Volumes Offer an Opportunity to Re-Imagine Hospital Finances
By Pamela J. Gallagher, Founder/CEO, Gallaghers Resulting, LLC
Twitter: @GResulting

In 2019, emergency departments across the U.S. saw an average of 2.1 million patients per week, according to the CDC. Over the past several decades, healthcare organizations have invested large amounts of money, time, and effort to study the trend of ever-increasing numbers of high-utilizers in the ED and discover solutions to slow this growth. Continue reading…

Missouri Using Health IT to Achieve the Aims of the ADA
By Arun Natarajan, ONC
Twitter: @ONC_HealthIT

Health information technology can play an important role in helping to achieve the aims of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This year marks the 30th anniversary of the passage of the ADA – a major milestone in our Nation’s history that has helped increase access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities. Continue reading…

Telehealth was a Bright Spot Long Before the COVID-19 Pandemic
By Julieta Ducasa, MSN, Clinical Solutions Consultant, Central Logic
Twitter: @CentralLogic

Not a lot of positives have come out of the coronavirus pandemic. But telehealth has emerged as a bright spot, both for healthcare organizations and the communities they serve. I watched in awe as providers across the country pivoted to virtual healthcare to help meet the needs of COVID-19 patients, while safeguarding clinicians and non-infected patients. Continue reading…

Building a Data Defense Against Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse: What to Consider
By Emad Rizk MD, President and CEO, Cotiviti
Twitter: @Cotiviti

COVID-19 exposed many weaknesses in our healthcare system and exacerbated fraud, waste and abuse. As the federal government waived restrictions around various reimbursements for Medicare patients as well as encouraged plans to be more lenient around prior authorization and early refills, abusive and fraudulent actors quickly adapted, and health plans are among the primary victims. Continue reading…

Head In the Sand Leads to HIPAA Fine
By Matt Fisher, Attorney and chair of the Health Law Group at Mirick, O’Connell, DeMallie & Lougee, LLP.
Twitter: @matt_r_fisher

Continuing a hot streak in the fall of 2020, the Office for Civil Rights announced another HIPAA settlement with a business associate on September 23, 2020. The $2,300,000 fine was imposed on a business associate following a months long cyberattack that resulted in the exfiltration of data for more than 6 million patients. Continue reading…

Securing the Home Office: How Healthcare Is Adapting to Remote Work, During and After COVID-19
By Dan L. Dodson, CEO, Fortified Health Security
Twitter: @FortifiedHITSec

The value of working from home was finally demonstrated on a global scale in 2020. The ability to adapt to a remote model has been key to employee health during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, dispersed workplaces have also presented new cybersecurity challenges within the healthcare industry. Continue reading…

Pandemic Security – We Might Already Have had a Solution to COVID19
By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
Twitter: @drnic1

On this episode I spoke with Dr. Jake Reder, PhD the CEO of Celdara Medical – an innovation incubator and accelerator focused on transforming academic innovations into medicines that cure the world’s most challenging diseases. The company was originally launched during the financial crisis and as Jake points out – no better time to launch a new company than during a crisis. Continue reading…

8 Key Components of a Digital Front Door
By Leani Drapiza, Marketing Manager, iPro Healthcare
Twitter: @iProHealthcare

The term “digital front door” has been around for a few years, but it seems it’s popping up more and more as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. So what exactly is a digital front door in healthcare? In this blog, we’ll answer that question, discuss both the core components of a digital front door and its supporting framework, and examine what it means for the future of healthcare. Continue reading…

If You Connect It, Protect It
By Chase Higbee, Lead IT Strategist, Atlantic.Net
Twitter: @AtlanticNet

Internet-connected devices have changed the world we live in. It has changed the way we shop, the way business is done, how we provide healthcare, and even how we communicate with one another. Some argue it has made the world a lot smaller and built a global community with the ability to instantaneously communicate around the planet. Continue reading…