Three Ways to Improve Healthcare Workflow

By Brenda Hopkins – Busy health systems contain complexity in workflow variations and transitions, from appointment scheduling and authorizations to referrals and transitions for additional service. Barriers to efficient workflows include poor usable design of technology for…

Not Just EMRs

By William A. Hyman – We are all familiar by now with the phenomenon of clinical users being unhappy with their EMRs for a variety of reasons. These reasons often include that there is a mismatch between the EMRs workflow and the existing clinical workflow.

Could Inspector Gadget Shape Health IT’s Future?

By Jonathon Dreyer – As a kid, whenever I couldn’t reach something, I used to pull my sweatshirt over my hands and extend my arms forcefully, triumphantly exclaiming “Go-go Gadget arms!” Little did I know at the time that those innovations and neat devices from Inspector Gadget would contain usability lessons that apply to current challenges in health IT.