patient portals

Fun with Online Scheduling

By William A. Hyman – I recently had the need to make an appointment with one of my specialists, of which I have an increasing number as I age. Going to the provider’s website I found the now familiar opportunity to schedule an appointment online.

Fun With Patient Notifications

By William Hyman – Now I’m being a patient. I visit my provider at a major medical center. I subsequently get a text message advising me to check my patient portal for updated information with a link that didn’t work. The portal is an AllScripts product which is also the EMR being used by my provider.

Patient Portals: Build Them Well and They Will Come

By D’Arcy Gue – Let’s face it, there will always be a segment of your patient population that just isn’t interested in using a patient portal. But with so much of life now conducted online, the good news is that robust design and usefulness will engage most patients.

How Millennials Are Impacting Healthcare IT

By Kerri Knippenberg – Millennials between the ages of 18 and 24 have been changing the norms as consumers. Nearly all business sectors have been affected by millennials because they are not sticking to traditional consumer trends. Below I highlighted 5 ways in which millennials are changing the world of healthcare: