patient-centered care

Taking a Patient-Centered Approach to Healthcare Tech

By Dan Matthews – Medicine and technology have always gone hand-in-hand. This fact has perhaps never been more apparent today, with some of the most powerful and innovative technologies, from robotics to artificial intelligence to Big Data are proliferating in the modern healthcare industry to fight disease and save lives.

Improving Value in Health Care Organizations

By Devin Partida – People have ongoing conversations about improving value within health care organizations. But what that means differs across the respective groups. Patients might link high-quality care to value, while providers may view value as synonymous with productivity.

CAHPS®: 25 Years of Putting the Patient First

By Gopal Khanna MBA & Caren Ginsberg PhD – “Nothing about me, without me.” This adage—coined by a patient advocate in 1998—is the essence of patient-centered healthcare. It implies that every action in healthcare must be undertaken with the patient in mind, every decision made in consultation with the patient.