Talent Tuesday: Are salary and work-from-home benefits enough?

By Viral Patel – In the U.S., there are nearly 5.5 million more jobs open than there are people to fill them. HR leaders scramble daily to introduce new benefits — including flexible hours and nitro coffee taps — in attempts to stay relevant to younger workforces and boost recruitment and retention. Unfortunately, these solutions just aren’t cutting it.

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How Millennials Are Impacting Healthcare IT

By Kerri Knippenberg – Millennials between the ages of 18 and 24 have been changing the norms as consumers. Nearly all business sectors have been affected by millennials because they are not sticking to traditional consumer trends. Below I highlighted 5 ways in which millennials are changing the world of healthcare:

Millennials and Health Technology

By Kelley Sullivan – The Facebook generation, the glued to their phone generation, the “ME ME ME” generation – the millennials. Millennials have certainly received their fair share of criticism – just check out 2014’s Time article for an example! But are they the answer to bringing health technology to the forefront?