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6 Practical Tech Gadgets For Medical Professionals

By Kayla Matthews – Options for treating patients and helping them stay healthy are rapidly evolving, and improved technology is largely responsible for making that the case. Some of the available offerings could forever change how patients and physicians interact with each other.


By William Hyman – The 21st Century Cures Act addressed what kinds of medical software are medical devices (and therefore subject to regulation by the FDA), and what kinds are not medical devices (and therefore not regulated by the FDA, but subject to CPSC and FTC).

FDA’s Role in Medical Device Cybersecurity

By Suzanne Schwartz MD MBA – Virtually every aspect of our lives – including our health – has gone digital. Medical devices from insulin pumps to implantable cardiac pacemakers are becoming more interconnected and, like computers and the networks they operate in, can be vulnerable to security breaches.