Lucia Savage

A Road Map for States

By Lucia Savage & Peyton Isaac – Data shows that individuals expect to be able to access their health information, making it readily accessible and securely shared among their health care providers to support effective clinical decision-making.

The Real HIPAA

By Lucia Savage & Aja Brooks – Welcome to the fourth and final blog post in our series on how HIPAA supports interoperability. In the previous installments, we provided practical examples and illustrations that show how Health Care Operations Permitted Uses and Disclosures apply to covered entities.

The Real HIPAA: Care Coordination, Care Planning, and Case Management Examples

By Lucia Savage & Aja Brooks – Welcome to the third blog post in our series. Blog #2 discussed how HIPAA supports interoperability, and discussed definitions of Treatment and Health Care Operations-functions for which HIPAA supports electronic exchange of health information. This blog post gives additional practical examples of exchange for Treatment and exchange for Health Care Operations. Let’s jump right in.