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Increasing Access to Robotic Surgery

By Emily Newton – Research positions surgical robots as game-changing for patients and surgeons. The robots can handle highly precise procedures on delicate body parts. The technology is liked because it allows more accuracy with magnified images from inside a person’s body on high-definition screens.

Clinical Decision Support Tech and Patient Safety

By Jordan Messler MD SFHM FACP – How Clinical Decision Support Tech enables process improvement projects that impact patient safety. Despite decades of research linking patient safety measures to improved financial and clinical outcomes, hospitals often struggle to streamline inefficient workflows.

Forward Thinking and Future Focused: Six Inspirations from AHIMA23

By Beth Friedman – I’ve attended over two decades of American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conferences in my career. But this year’s event was remarkably different. At AHIMA23, the association’s legacy of ensuring data quality and protecting patient privacy met face-to-face with today’s most important healthcare issues—

Making Better Business Decisions by Listening to Your Customers

By Amy Brown – We have evolved to support people who like to figure things out for themselves. We’ve got YouTube tutorials and the internet for everything else. Plenty of B2B companies offer their clients DIY options, through customer portals and more. But in the complex healthcare world, DIY often won’t suffice.