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Managing Access Control in Hospitals

By Patrick Chown – The security of the hospital and its assets is a primary concern for hospital facility managers. A hospital houses vulnerable patients, regulated drugs, and plenty of sensitive data. Safeguarding these from any malicious actors is critical to ensure smooth hospital operations.

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What We Know (And Don’t Know) About Long COVID

By Devin Partida – Most people who get sick with the COVID-19 virus get better after a week or two. However, more severe cases require hospitalization and linger for much longer. Others notice their symptoms go away for a while and reappear after one or more months.

Healthcare Communication Barriers are Not Limited to Language

By Dr. Rachael Grimaldi – Despite being home to some of the world’s leading healthcare systems and research institutions, patients in the United States still face poor health outcomes in many areas. For example, the U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate compared to other similarly resourced countries.

How to Solve the ‘new normal’ EHR Implementation Challenges

By Liza Dzhezhora – Electronic health records have become ubiquitous in the US healthcare industry. However, the work on improving those solutions is in full swing. According to Fact.MD, the EHR market value is expected to reach $41.8bn in 2022 – 2032. What are the key EHR implementation challenges, and how to solve them?

Israel Suits Up for Digital Health Success

By Goel Jasper – The Future of Health Leadership Symposium, the Global Wellness Summit, MIXiii HealthTech and mHealth Israel’s own annual start-up conference all took place during the same time frame, but there was little celebration regarding the speed with which Israel has become a significant player in the world of health innovation.