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Top Nursing Issues Can Get Help From Analytics and AI

By David Garner – This is Nurses Week and we are highlighting challenges and issues facing our nursing professionals. Can analytics and AI help with today’s challenges? Garner says yes as he identifies some of the top issues.

Seven Things I Learned About TEFCA at HIMSS

By Jim Tate – I attended the recent HIMSS conference in Chicago with a particular interest in finding out what is going on with the TEFCA. This interoperability initiative, more than six years in the making, appears to be close to bearing fruit. My observations are based on conversations with pending QHINs, TEFCA presentations, and a little eavesdropping.

How Data Science is Helping Oncologists Battle Cancer

By Patrick Cronin – Cancer is a condition that’s affected most people in one way or another, and finding ways to treat it has been the focus of the world’s top scientists and oncologists for decades. Researchers are making major breakthroughs using the power of data science.

Pushing for MedTech Innovation in 2023

By Devin Partida – IT professionals in every sector have a duty to accelerate technological innovation. Medtech is a unique industry rife with outdated tools while being the most desperate for advancement to meet a growing population’s increasingly complex health needs.