Healthcare Consumerism

Death by Revenue Cycle

By David Burda – I’d bet my family annual out-of-pocket maximum of $3,000 under my Blue Cross HMO that no other industry spends more on billing and collections than healthcare. Revenue cycle management, hospitals, health systems and medical practices spend billions a year to collect every dime they are owed.

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InstaMed Healthcare Payments Summit 2019

March 25-27, 2019  Warwick Hotel, Philadelphia PA Hashtag: #HCPayments19 As an industry, we deserve more. Better experiences. Streamlined transactions. Smarter reporting. Stronger security. The InstaMed…

The Exponential Future of Patient Engagement

By Frank Fortner – In October of 2014, I attended the CHIME fall conference and had the privilege of listening to Dr. Peter Diamandis. He brings an optimistic message about the value created through the exponential growth of certain technologies — that starts after they become “digitized,” yielding exponential leaps forward rather than small, linear steps.

The Changing Role of the CIO

By John Halamka MD – Over my 8 years of blogging (since 10/21/07) I’ve written many posts about IT leadership, career development and re-inventing yourself (something to do every 5-10) years. As a CIO for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen the nature of the role undergo remarkable evolution.

Will the New Apple Product Accelerate Healthcare’s Shift to Consumerism?

By Vern Davenport – The Apple Watch market release on April 24 is not only a significant event for the consumer electronics industry, but it will be a significant event for healthcare as well. More than simply a version of the iPhone that fits on a wrist, the Apple Watch promises to be a tipping point for engaging consumers in their healthcare (a topic I wrote about here last year).