healthcare communication

Healthcare Communication Barriers are Not Limited to Language

By Dr. Rachael Grimaldi – Despite being home to some of the world’s leading healthcare systems and research institutions, patients in the United States still face poor health outcomes in many areas. For example, the U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate compared to other similarly resourced countries.

The Consequences of Poor Communication in Health Care

By Stephen Dean – It’s shocking that communication remains a persistent problem within the health care industry. Despite the pandemic contributing to much-improved telehealth, as well as digitization, there are still major obstructions in communication avenues across the board.

Inefficiencies Lost, Productivity Gained

By Lindy Benton – Single platform healthcare communications can now be the new normal for hospitals. While EHRs are a good fit for managing data, they often exclude factors pertaining to the administrative and financial operations of the hospital. EHRs are also limited when it comes to communication.