The Role of Virtual Desktops in Healthcare

By Dana Tee – The other day, I was sitting in my doctor’s office as she pulled up my patient profile on her computer and started typing away. It seemed like a normal visit – and in most ways it was. However, a few things were missing. There was not a single folder, pen, pencil, or piece of paper to be seen – the sterile room was completely digitized.

Reengineering Clinician Documentation

Reengineering Clinician Documentation – Ergonomics and Human Factors in Healthcare   Dr. Nick van Terheyden Voice of the Doctor #VoiceoftheDr LinkedIn Profile, Twitter: @drnic1 Clinical documentation is…

Selecting an EHR – CPOE

Computerized physician/provider order entry (CPOE), is the process of computer entry of medical orders for the treatment of patients under the licensed provider’s care. These…