digital health

Do Apps Protect Female Health Data?

By Matthew Fisher – mHealth applications focused on women’s health are drawing a fair amount of attention when it comes to privacy practices. These FemTech applications are designed to help individuals personally track different aspects of their health. How does FemTech approach privacy?

Hospitals and Digital Health Can Save People and the Planet

By Gil Bashe – If the healthcare sector were a country, it would be the world’s fifth-largest contributor to greenhouse gases following China, the US, India, and Russia. The planet’s health and our own are joined, and the health community must unite with environmental affairs experts to collaborate on what must be done to keep the planet vibrant.

It’s All Informatics to Me

By William Hersh MD – In the last decade or so, a number of new names have emerged for the kinds of activities historically studied, disseminated, and taught by those who work in biomedical and health informatics. Each of these areas has emerged as a “hot topic” in biomedicine and healthcare, with resulting…

Friday at Five: Sharing Five Good Reads

When you can’t get off the couch after too much turkey and pumpkin pie, or when you are stuck at an airport like you knew you would be, here are five articles for holiday reading. Safe travels and stay safe this holiday weekend.

Global Partnership Leads the Way to Advance Digital Health

By Don Rucker – Across the globe, countries are making significant investments and advancements to promote the movement of electronic health information. Global health IT leaders are working collaboratively to develop, implement, and share best practices with other nations about projects that advance key elements of digital health.