Friday at Five: Sharing Five Good Reads

If you are old enough you remember when part of your Sunday revolved around the Sunday paper. Yes even if you didn’t have a newspaper subscription, you ventured out not to get coffee, but the Sunday paper. Everyone had their go to sections. And it was full of featured articles that were interesting reads. Topics that just caught your eye and compelled you to read. It didn’t even matter that everything including your hands were pretty inked up after handling it.

These articles reminded me of Sunday features. And they come from outlets you might not have read before. So here is for when you can’t get off the couch after too much turkey and pumpkin pie, or when you are stuck at an airport like you knew you would be.

November is Diabetes Awareness month and this caught my eye with some interesting history of the disease.

When this one caught my eye, I immediately starting looking for the date of publication! Yes Virginia we are still talking about faxes in 2022. And the statistic? “No one seems to know the exact extent of fax usage in the U.S. health-care system, but there is broad agreement that most providers and organizations still use the technology.”

If you don’t have Kaiser Health News on you reading list I highly recommend it. It is a little heavy on the California side but overall some really great writers and you can always find interesting articles. And they have several podcast shows too. This one was right up my alley. I can’t get enough of how our private sector is going to eventually win this vaxxing war for us. And thanks for stepping up to the task. Have you heard about this one?

Of course money numbers in the billions is always catching my eye! This is Rock Health’s quarterly outlook on the digital health industry. It is full steam ahead with no ending in sight. Good news and a good read with lots of insights especially if you are looking for investments next year.

I know this is not a Sunday afternoon feature read but I had to include as a good read and a good job from the ONC. Learn more about how APIs can support health information exchange and interoperability. And bonus, it is audio, no reading required.