D’Arcy Gue

Kudos to the Healthcare Community and HHS

By D’Arcy Gue – We healthcare writers spend a lot of time looking critically at federal compliance initiatives, especially the devils that may be in the details. Seriously, who even likes the unfortunate term “compliance?” Despite the hard knocks, HHS in fact has been an extraordinary trailblazer in modernizing American healthcare through information technology adoption.

New HHS Cybersecurity Initiative: Too Little Too Late?

By D’Arcy Gue – After years of increasingly dangerous data security and privacy breaches across the American healthcare environment, HHS has decided to take preventative action. On July 25, HHS announced it will fund a new resource that will share “the most up-to-date cyber threat information across the health and public health sectors.

Great CIOs Need “WOW” Service Desks That Go Beyond ITIL

By D’Arcy Gue – Given the IT revolution within hospitals today, how your Service Desk analysts handle physicians and other users is more critical than ever. Disruptive trends such as sophisticated new EHRs, widespread use of devices and apps, and the growth of cloud-based services should not equate to disrupted customer service.

Can Your Hospital Benefit from e-Prescribing?

By D’Arcy Gue – On the face of it, the use of computers to order prescriptions seems like a no-brainer. Who, after all, is capable of reading a physician’s handwriting? But if we set aside clichés, there is still this question: Does e-prescribing provide distinct benefits over handwritten patient prescriptions? With acknowledgement of some drawbacks, it would seem the scales tip decidedly toward e-prescribing as a net positive.