HIPAA’s Role in Setting Good Security

By Matt Fisher – The Office for Civil Rights is promoting HIPAA as being able to prevent or substantially mitigate the impacts of a cyber attack. It is a bold statement from OCR and one that bears unpacking. Why is OCR asserting that HIPAA can prevent or substantially mitigate a cyber attack?

Threat to Healthcare

By Art Gross – We have had quite a year so far in 2020, and if you are in healthcare, you were hit especially hard with something that you likely didn’t adequately prepare to deal with. However, according to a recent report from Black Book Market Research LLC, the healthcare industry has no idea what could hit them in 2021. But with this particular threat, you can prepare.

Repeat Offender

By Art Gross – When you search for cyberattacks by vertical, always in the top categories is healthcare. It can be filtered from there by the size of the business, whether it is enterprise or small to medium-sized establishments, but the information targeted is patient data.