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2015 In Review

By John Halamka MD – It’s now December and as each year ends, I always look back on the challenges and achievements of the past 12 months. Here’s my sense of 2015.

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The Role of Virtual Desktops in Healthcare

By Dana Tee – The other day, I was sitting in my doctor’s office as she pulled up my patient profile on her computer and started typing away. It seemed like a normal visit – and in most ways it was. However, a few things were missing. There was not a single folder, pen, pencil, or piece of paper to be seen – the sterile room was completely digitized.

The Cloud is Good, But Know Where Data Go

By Matt Fisher – A recent settlement announcement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) highlights the need to evaluate web-based applications and storage solutions. Web-based or cloud solutions are viable options and tools for healthcare entities to utilize, but those tools need to evaluated for compliance with HIPAA security requirements.