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Ten Million Missed Cancer Screenings

By Sarah Larsen – During the first year of the Covid pandemic, patients missed around 10M potentially life-saving cancer screenings. The CDC encourages health care professionals to minimize delays in testing by continuing routine cancer screening, and helping patients safely access screening through interventions such as navigation (both human and digital).

Addressing the Tortoise in the Oncology Clinic

By Robert E. Winkler MD – COVID-19 vaccines were developed extremely fast, approximately nine months from pandemic emergence to FDA approval in the U.S. This is, by a landslide, a record for one of the fastest development (and approval) of a vaccine, and significantly faster than traditional R&D timelines.

5 Developments in Cancer Treatment You Might Have Missed This Year

By Kayla Matthews – With so much COVID-19 news coverage, it’s easy to miss other relevant happenings in medicine, such as developments in cancer treatments. Besides making information potentially harder to access, the pandemic also introduced new hardships for people with cancer by complicating their access to care.