big data

Data and Analytics in Trauma Nursing

By Dan Matthews – The use of data and analytics can help healthcare become more accurate, efficient, and personalized to individual patient needs. At hospitals and individual practices, healthcare professionals are already collecting and using big data to enhance telemedicine, and optimize staffing.

Taking a Patient-Centered Approach to Healthcare Tech

By Dan Matthews – Medicine and technology have always gone hand-in-hand. This fact has perhaps never been more apparent today, with some of the most powerful and innovative technologies, from robotics to artificial intelligence to Big Data are proliferating in the modern healthcare industry to fight disease and save lives.

How Healthcare Technology Is Taking on Child Abuse

By Luke Smith – In the wake of COVID-19, advancements in healthcare tech allowed us to shift to many healthcare processes to a virtual environment. Telehealth took off and with it came greater flexibility in how and where patients could receive treatment. Now, some of that same technology is being applied to the fight against child abuse.

Redefining Identifiable Data

By Art Gross – HIPAA provides guidelines to establish the permissible use of an individual’s personal health information (PHI). Seems pretty straightforward for the most part. And it was – for the most part. Until we start to dig a little deeper…