Two Sides of the AI/ML Coin in Health Care

By Kathryn Marchesini, Jeff Smith, & Jordan Everson – As we’ve previously discussed, algorithms—step by step instructions (rules) to perform a task or solve a problem, especially by a computer—have been widely used in health care for decades. One clear use of these algorithms is through evidence-based, clinical decision support interventions.

How Can Technology Contribute to Equity in Health Care?

By Devin Partida – Technology is central to modern health care, including making comprehensive medical treatment equally available and accessible to everyone. Equity is a significant concern today, especially as data highlights persisting disparities among different demographics.

Improving Discharge Processes with Intelligent Automation

By Jason Harber – Struggles with capacity management have been common in hospitals for so long that it sometimes feels baked into the system. Unclear discharge priorities, misaligned staffing, unexpected barriers, siloed information, lapses in communication, and a lack of real-time visibility all lead to delays in and reduced access to patient care.

AI, Privacy and Security, CDI and More at AHIMA21

American Health Information Management Association CEO Wylecia Wiggs Harris, PhD, CAE, said the AHIMA21 Virtual Conference, taking place Sept. 20-22, 2021, will feature a number of can’t-miss sessions for health information professionals and healthcare journalists.

Redefining Identifiable Data

By Art Gross – HIPAA provides guidelines to establish the permissible use of an individual’s personal health information (PHI). Seems pretty straightforward for the most part. And it was – for the most part. Until we start to dig a little deeper…