At HIMSS23 with Jim Tate and Damon Auer of Dedalus

Host of The Tate Chronicles, Jim Tate caught up with Damon Auer, Chief Executive & General Manager of North America for Dedalus at HIMSS in Chicago last week. Hear their conversation on these topics.

  • Dedalus is involved in data exchange, data gathering, data aggregation, what are the challenges?
  • Personalizing care experiences for everyone
  • The debate on patient, consumer, customer, person, what are we when it comes to healthcare?
  • The promise of TEFCA
  • Who will teach everyone about TEFCA, just because the information exists doesn’t mean we know what to do with it.
  • AI and Machine Learning and use cases that Dedalus is working on.
  • A “Digital Resident” with generative AI.

Yes all that packed into 8 minutes! Take a listen.