StartUp Health’s Priority Agenda with COO Jamey Edwards

A Conversation with Jamey Edwards

Jamey Edwards, COO at StartUp Health
Twitter: @jameyedwards

Jamey is the Chief Operating Officer of StartUp Health, which was founded in 2011 to invest in a global army of entrepreneurs, called Health Transformers, committed to achieving health moonshots. Jamey is a serial healthcare entrepreneur who brings over 25 years of experience in building successful companies having led or participated in transactions worth over $10B of transaction value over his career. Jamey is a member of YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) and is on the Board of Directors for the American Heart Association, and the Partners in Care Foundation and serves on the X-Prize Global Visioneering Team for Healthcare.

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Episode Takeaways

  1. Proven serial entrepreneurial digital health leader Jamey Edwards brings his experience, skills and passion to the world of innovation to StartUp Health and outlines to Health Unabashed listeners his priority agenda.
  2. Edwards has been at the forefront of championing innovations that improve access to care and address the needs of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Hear how social impact and health innovation are aligned. He has raised funds through private equity and led one of the sector’s first SPAC-supported ventures.
  3. Learn why Edwards decided to forgo opportunities with private equity and serve as a fund’s ‘entrepreneur in residence” to join StartUp Health.
  4. StartUp Health now has 14 “moonshots” in motion. Why are they focusing on moving ideas fast-forward and harnessing their expertise and capital to fund these breaking public health efforts?
  5. Learn why StartUp Health and Edwards are helping innovators find their way forward in a financially driven sector where tremendous fragmentation makes it challenging to navigate successfully. Hear why money will almost always follow mission.


Gil Bashe

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