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By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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Host of Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist#TheIncrementalist

On this episode I spoke to Sandra Humbles (@sandrahumbles), VP of the Global Education Solutions Group at Johnson and Johnson Institute. The institute has been working on educational tools and solutions for clinicians that are using technology to augment and accelerate learning. They have partnered with Oculus and Osso VR to use virtual reality to train surgeons and are supporting innovation working on gamification, training tools, and have a COVID-19 Resource Center.

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We talk about the realization that Virtual reality is going to change the world we live in making resources, teaching, and training widely available. Some of the important incremental steps to success include:

  • Start with data – this is the way to bring everyone along
  • Grounding everything in reality
  • The importance of providing analytics and feedback
  • Keeping everyone, and technology up to date

Not surprising to hear that the Digital Native generation is adapting and adopting this technology easily. The old adage of medical education and experience:

See one, Do one, Teach one

May see a change and perhaps morph to:

See one in Virtual Reality, then Do one in Reality, Teach (in Virtual Reality) for many to learn from

As COVID19 spread around the world they used their Global Education Council as a sounding board of experiences gaining insights by asking a simple open-ended question (one perhaps we should be asking everyone):

How are you doing?

Listen in to hear about the partnership they created with AIS training resources that have now touched 4 million clinicians in 150 countries with over 475,000 training courses completed.

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