Recovery Room 6/6/10

On May 19th, the HIT Policy Committee held their meeting. Paul Tang and Jodi Daniel presented results and recommendations for the Health IT Strategic Framework from the Strategic Plan workgroup. Their efforts have been compiled from nine meetings and public testimony and comments. All workgroups gave updates at the meeting. The new Enrollment workgoup was established to fulfill mandates in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed in the recent health care reform legislation. Anesh Chopra will chair the workgroup that will identify a set of standards to facilitate enrollment in federal and state health and human services programs. The MU workgroup held a public hearing on June 4th focusing on how meaningful use of HIT solutions can help reduce disparities. Read the FAC blog for a summary of the meeting.

The HIT Standards committee held a virtual meeting on May 26th. Among other topics the meeting highlighted, the National Information Exchange Model Standards and Interoperability Framework, NHIN Direct, and IT standards for the new enrollment workgroup. As always our pick for the best summary of the meeting is Dr. Halamka’s blog.

Companion Data Services was selected by CMS to provide the data processing and hosting operations for the National Level Repository. The system will be tracking the incentive payments for providers that adopt EHR systems and become meaningful users. The contract is for one year, with four one-year renewal options. If all options are exercised, the contract will total near $24 million. The Repository system will reside in the data center at CDS headquarters in Columbia, SC. In a separate $34 million contract Northrop Grumman Corp of Reston VA will design, develop, implement, and maintain the software for the Repository.

The ONC is compiling stories on EHR implementations to share, inspire, and learn. You can find the stories on ONC’s newest feature of their website, Health IT Journey, stories from the road. They are encouraging practices to send their stories both success and challenges and comment on posted stories.

On Thursday, June 3rd, HHS announced $83.9 million to forty-five Helath Center Controlled Networks (HCCNs). The networks are controlled by and operated on behalf of HHS’s Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA). They were established to improve health care for medically underserved people by enhancing health center operations, including health information technology. The HHS press release lists the awardees.

On Friday June 4th, the FSU College of Communication and Information in partnership with the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration hosted the day long event to kickoff the Florida Health Information (HIE) 2010. ONC Blumenthal was the keynote speaker for the day and outlined the process for implementing Florida’s regional networks. The networks will connect health care providers and allow sharing of electronic medical records. Last year Florida’s Gov. Crist pointed to AHCA to take the lead in promoting the exchanges for the state.

And on a final note, John Moore over at Chilmark Research has been reporting that Google is backing off on their Google Health PHR. Google on the other hand is out in front denying any such thing. They are reporting that they are continuing to invest in the project. We will keep and eye and an ear on the subject.

Have a good week.