Friday at Five – 6/4/10

Join us every Friday at 5 for our weekly top 5 favorites in the world of HIT and HITECH. This week we take to Twitter. Here are our picks for tweets and tweeters.

5 of our Favorite Tweets

      Death by PowerPoint reached a new level today – Vendor had slide with more words than Roget’s Thesaurus. Please-more pictures than words. 4:04 PM May 25th
      If you are ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure that it’s still there. 2:53 PM Jun 1st
      Another point in the #CIO ops vs. strategy dilemma: failed ops is often the result of a poor strategy: usually, trying to do too much 9:41 PM Jun 1st
      Vacation time. Beach chair? Check. Sunscreen. Check. Umbrella. Check. Personal Health Records? Ch..?? Think about it. Ask your Dr. 1:25 PM Jun 1st
      Hospital #HITECH incentive program begins 4 months from today. Still no #meaningfuluse FInal Rule or certification program. 9:45 AM Jun 1st

5 of our Favorite Tweeters

    1. Bob Chaput
      Data Protection, Cloud Storage and Data Risk Management Solutions Expert
    2. EmrIncentives
      ARRA Incentives, HIT adoption, Meaningful Use, Certified Technology
    3. Wm T Oravecz
      Healthcare Technology/IT Solutions Program Executive
    4. Mary Pat Whaley
      Practice Administrator by day, editor/blogger by night
    5. ONC
      ONC’s mission is to improve health and health care for all Americans through use of information technology