Rebuilding Not Relying on Systems of the Past to Redesign the Future of Health

A Conversation with Danish Nagda, MD and Jeff Gamble, PhD

Danish Nagda, MD – Founder & CEO, Rezilient
Twitter: @operationdanish
Twitter: @rezilienthealth

Danish is a physician and caregiver for his father. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Since the beginning of his ENT residency at Washington University in St Louis, he has served in advisory roles for Doximity, Inventr, and Enterprise Bank & Trust. Prior to founding Rezilient, Danish founded Schoology, the first social learning platform, which now has over 20 million users in 130 countries.

Jeff Gamble, PhD – Founder & CTO, Rezilient
Twitter: @jeffgamblephd
Twitter: @rezilienthealth

Jeff is a graduate of Duke University and Washington University in St Louis, where he leveraged biological neural networks, machine learning, and signal processing to investigate new interventions for functional disabilities. Prior to founding Rezilient, Jeff founded SnapPEAS, an AI-based mobile app for healthy meal planning, and has consulted for startups, accelerators, and early-stage technology startups.

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Episode Takeaways

  1. We’re trying to stick technology into a broken legacy health system. How do we address patients’ urgent needs when the system itself struggling to transform?
  2. Our rotten health system seems to need a refresh – can an engineer and doctor come to the rescue? Rezilient’s – Danish Nagda, MD, and Jeff Gamble, Ph.D., rebuild health on top of the historical foundation.
  3. Medicine doesn’t have to be “this or that” when it comes to offering telehealth, cloud and in-personal patient-physician interaction. It’s not all or nothing. Doctors are not palm readers. IRL care still matters.
  4. Welcome to the world of omnichannel medicine. It’s time we reimagine how to rebuild and not rely on systems of the past to redesign the future of health.
  5. Vision has to connect to operations. Continuity of care, needs-based patient interaction and care affordability have to be key building blocks in medicine’s future.
  6. Personal relationship with a health provider matters – when it matters. But, what happens when remote is the way to go. Can we relearn as consumers how to have our expectations met? Will payers be part of the solution or stick in the mud?
  7. Employers have to get into the health movement – they pay the bulk of the insurance bills and have to reconsider what services and attention their employees receive.


Gil Bashe

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Gregg Masters

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