ONC Launches Health IT Website

Health IT Dashboard Tool Summarizes Information

The ONC has launched its newest website that presents key information and data to enable collaborative monitoring of the impact of federal policies, programs, and research activities related to health IT. The Health IT Dashboard currently provides summary information about all ONC HITECH grant programs, and detailed data from the Regional Extension Center, and Community College Consortia to Educate Health IT Professionals programs.

“The release of the Health IT Dashboard is a significant milestone and we are glad to welcome the website as a tool for delivering key data to ONC’s stakeholders and the interested public.” said Victor Lazzaro, ONC’s Performance Officer and Director for the Health IT Dashboard projects. The site is an interactive tool that allows users to map, chart, and access ONC data.

The Dashboard capabilities include:

  • Generating maps of health IT adoption statistics for common groups of health care providers & hospitals,
  • Examining the impact of ONC’s Recovery Act grant programs implementation at national and local levels
  • Download and analyze the data for your own research projects.

ONC is also saying there will be updates as soon as June. Look for an EHR and HIE dashboard including more state-level maps, charts, and data sets that describe trends in physician and hospital utilization of health IT.

In the REC Dashboard data reveals key performance indicators. There are 140,057 enrolled providers which is 131% of the goal. Looking more closely, we can see in all provider groups the General Practice providers have the most live on EHRs totaling 33,696. These numbers of course might be different when you look since it is updating regularly.

The College Consortia and Education Dashboard data reveals progress to Health IT Workforce Development goals. The goals targeted to have 4200 students complete the program and the actual numbers were 11,964. The interactive map more closely analyzes the student data by state.

The ONC Overview Dashboard reveals the funding and the framework of the HITECH Act. You can view charts of funding obligations, maps of grantees by states, and framework flowcharts. Scanning over the interactive state map, you can easily see that the least amount of HITECH money is going to Wyoming, just under $5 million.

For more resources and websites, visit our EHR Adoption page.