Regional Extension Centers RECs

Regional Extension Centers Closing

The HITECH Act awarded grants for HIT Regional Extension Centers and a national HIT Research Center. A total of 62 awards were granted. As the goals and the programs have been achieved, many of the centers are changing directions or closing all together. Here is news on centers that are closing.

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Spotlight on VITL – Vermont Information Technology Leaders

By Joanna Cummings – When was the last time you got excited about reading an article or book on technology? If the answer is “all the time” then consider yourself in the minority. Technology is the backbone that makes everyday tasks from online bank transactions to a Facebook ‘Like’ seamless, without the end user needing to know about how their data is collected, stored and transferred.

Michigan REC Reaches 3700 Goal on Assisting Eligible Professionals

The Michigan Center for Effective IT Adoption (M-CEITA), Michigan’s REC, has reached its original grant-funded goal of helping 3,724 eligible professionals to Meaningful Use of electronic health record (EHR) technology. This Altarum Institute–led program was initially funded in 2010 by the ONC.