Articles by Jim Tate

Sustainable Telehealth: Legislation

By Jim Tate – On August 3, 2020 President Trump issued an Executive Order entitled “Improving Rural Health and Telehealth Access”. This Order contained statements that demonstrate a commitment to make permanent a significant number of the temporary measures that…

Sustainable Telehealth: HIPAA

By Jim Tate – The national Emergency Declaration due to the COVID-19 pandemic came suddenly and without warning. Healthcare providers found it necessary to acquire, implement, and begin using telehealth technology in a matter of weeks.

Telehealth: The Wild West

Jim Tate – In the early days of EHR adoption providers found it almost impossible to decide which system to purchase. There were no standards regarding the functionality that should be included. It was the Wild West and without a consensus definition of what made up a “Complete EHR” providers were in a sea of confusion and disappointment.