Articles by Jim Tate

MIPS: Every Picture Tell a Story

By Jim Tate – CMS established MIPS to link physician reimbursement to quality and cost-effective care. The current 2024 Medicare reimbursement adjustments are based on the 2022 performance year scores (0-100) for eligible clinicians. The program is budget neutral and the potential range of adjustments range from -9% to +9%.

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Decision Support Intervention: Part 1: The Need for Transparency

By Jim Tate – Decision support intervention systems are designed to enhance healthcare delivery by providing evidence-based, data-driven insights and recommendations, aiming to improve patient outcomes, reduce errors, and promote efficiency in healthcare settings. Now, with the introduction of AI into healthcare technology we have entered the realm of predictive-based alerts and recommendations.

The ONC HTI-1 Final Rule in a Nutshell

By Jim Tate – The ONC HIT-1 (Health Data, Technology, and Interoperability: Certification Program Updates, Algorithm Transparency, and Information Sharing) Final Rule was published January 9th, 2024. Issued by the ONC, the Rule goes into effect February 8th, 2024.

Six Risks of AI in Healthcare: A Short Primer

By Jim Tate – The integration of AI in healthcare has been a groundbreaking advancement, offering immense potential benefits like improved diagnostics, personalized medicine, and efficient patient care management. However, as with any significant technological shift, it’s essential to scrutinize the associated risks.

Medical Imaging in the Home Environment

The Tate Chronicles episode now on demand. Host Jim Tate talks to Tim Dawson, Chief Technical Officer of Canon Medical. Listen as they take a deep dive into such topics as: AI and imaging; patient access to their radiographic images; and, medical imaging in the home environment.

Data Handling and Use in Healthcare

The Tate Chronicles episode now on demand. Host Jim Tate talks to Jolie Ritzo, Vice President of Strategy and Network Engagement at Civitas Networks for Health. They discuss the important work being done by Civitas in such areas as community data governance, trust building, and regional responses to public health needs.