Most Popular White Papers in 2019

If you haven’t seen our white paper resources yet, these are a good place to start. Here are the most popular of 2019.

HIPAA Compliance: Important Fundamentals You Need to Know
By Atlantic.Net

This e-book is essentially a Mega-Guide on HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. First, we take a broad look at the basics of HIPAA; the roles of covered entities and business associates; and the related issue of HITECH compliance. Second, we discuss actionable steps to achieve compliance – closing with a straightforward and practical checklist.

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HIPAA Compliant IT Infrastructure Guide
By Atlantic.Net

This e-book looks at healthcare law and what organizations must do to maintain compliance.

With healthcare IT growing, the need for federally compliant infrastructure to process and store the electronic protected health information (ePHI) that is protected by the Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is on the rise as well.

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Trends in Patient Identification
By NextGate

Today’s complex health IT environment demands that organizations engage in more comprehensive patient matching approaches. While EHRs have become commonplace, the disjointed, competitive nature of IT systems contributes to a proliferation of incomplete and inaccurate demographic information. NextGate sees four emerging innovations that can extend one’s enterprise master patient index (EMPI) platform to help further diminish record duplication rates and reduce the need for manual review and remediation.

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7 Reasons Why Your Practice’s Communications Strategy Should Align with Millennials
By Rhinogram

Unless your medical practice is aimed specifically at children, you likely think your typical patient is older and not very technologically savvy. While it’s true that older patients likely comprise the lion’s share of your practice visits, prospective patients who are 37 or younger represent half of the U.S. population, with nine in 10 younger people owning powerful smartphones.

In order to attract and retain Millennial and Generation Z patients, your practice communications must be unified and reach patients in the manner they’re most comfortable with. Increasingly, that’s by text message, both simple texts (SMS) and multimedia texts (MMS) as part of a multi-platform communications strategy.

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Trends in Healthcare Payments: Ninth Annual Report
By InstaMed

Trends point toward the explosive growth of consumerism and how it will challenge providers and payers to rethink business as usual.

The healthcare industry as a whole has been slow to react to the increasing burden on consumers. The signs of dissatisfaction among patients and members have become clear. The following sections will detail the current trends in healthcare payments and the impact those trends have on the major players in the industry.

  1. Healthcare’s Blind Spot: Consumer Experience
  2. Providers Need Payment Assurance
  3. Pressure On All Fronts for Payers
  4. Threats to the Industry
  5. Survey of Industry Drivers

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