Monitoring meaningful use progress

Bob Tumanic, Managing Partner
C3 Partners


Meaningful Use Monitor (MUM) and HITECH Act compliance

The CMS EHR incentives program starts in 2011. The HITECH Act compliance life-cyle has begun.  How medical groups and small physician practices qualify for these incentives hinges on their ability to demonstrate meaningful use. So efficiently tracking meaningful use requirements through all three stages is critical.

C3 Partners has over eight-person years of effort in the development of its product MUM (Meaningful Use Monitor).  We have been unable to find anything as comprehensive on the market. The Meaningful Use Monitor (MUM) toolset provides a framework that simplifies the process of defining and managing your HITECH program to ensure accurate attestation. MUM is software, content and methodology tools that go beyond vendor reports; the MUM Compliance Roadmap and Knowledge Center deliver practical support for achieving and documenting Meaningful Use. The software is delivered on a subscription basis so that CMS changes and interpretations in the program can be quickly adapted and made available to MUM customers.
The MUM tool has been developed to serve four key market segments:
1) health systems and individual hospitals
2) Large physician clinics
3) small physician practices, and
4) Regional Extension Centers/public sector administration.
MUM is currently being deployed in several health systems and clinics with over 800 physicians.  HITECH Answers and C3 Partners have now agreed to make this same capability available to small physician practices. Physicians and practice managers can purchase a one year subscription that includes all compliance updates from C3 Partners. Support is provided via the MUM Hotline that can also be used to answer non-subscriber questions regarding the final rule and MU compliance. The C3 Partner MUM Hotline can be reached at 414-501-4022 (credit card is required).
Because the tools supports small physician groups and the MUM Hotline is available to support MU program efforts, C3P is also making this capability available to Regional Extension Centers. This option provides RECs the opportunity to service eligible professionals at a lower cost and higher efficiencies. These benefits are achieved by utilizing C3P existing hotline capabilities, the MUM toolset, and underlying methodology. C3P already provides some REC-like services to the 800 physicians that are current customers.
For more information about MUM for small physician groups and solo practitioners, email or call 1-414-459-1690