Modernizing the Care Experience in the Hospital

A Conversation with Jeff Fallon

Jeff Fallon, Chairman and CEO, Vibe Health by eVideon
Twitter: @evideonhealth
Twitter: @IAmJeffFallon

Jeff Fallon is a visionary thinker and strategist who brings more than 30 years of healthcare and technology experience to his role as Chief Executive Officer of eVideon Health. He has spent his career creating and providing solutions that transform the practice and experience of care for organizations. He is a passionate champion for technologies that improve the human experience of healthcare for patients and families, as well as the healthcare workforce.

In this episode with host Beth Friedman, tune in to hear Jeff’s 30-year insights into how smart innovation in the patient room has finally arrived! And how digital white boards, interactive TV platforms and tablets make the most of EHR investments for nurses, patients and families.

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Episode Takeaways

  1. To practice at the top of their license and provide exceptional patient care, nurses and clinician staff need patient-centric solutions that easily integrates with the EMR.
  2. While patient satisfaction is huge, it’s also important to consider the families and caregivers in the equation. There are many use cases that support this; maternal health and pediatrics being two big ones.
  3. Data demonstrates that patient outcomes are strengthened when patients have a role in their care. Digital whiteboards, interactive TV platforms and companion tablets are just some of the ways we enable patients to sit in the driver’s seat of their care journey.
  4. Collaboration amongst solution providers is critical to successful care delivery. Hospitals pay billions (with a b) for their EMRs each year; making sure they’re maximizing functionality of the service in conjunction with technology platforms inside the patient room is critical.
  5. There is a vital need in all care settings—be it acute or ambulatory—to provide the right data at the right time to the right patient. The hospital room of the future does just that.

Episode Host

Beth Friedman

Senior Partner, Health Information Lead
LinkedInBeth Friedman
Twitter: @HealthITPR

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