Introducing MD Blogs

The HITECH Act has introduced many new issues and challenges for the sole practitioner, small group practices, community clinics, rural hospitals, and hospital systems. At HITECH Answers we want to be your independent resource for the HITECH Act and its related impact.

One of the main initiatives of the HITECH Act and President Obama’s health care agenda is EHR adoption. Given the current statistics showing a very low percentage of actual EHR adoption, what are physicians and hospitals actually saying about this?  We are on the hunt for doctors blogging about their experiences and knowledge on the challenges imposed by the HITECH Act.

Visit our new MD-to-MD page each week. We will be adding  new peer blogs sharing  their experiences related to EHR adoption. Also, let us know if you want to recommend a blog to share. We hope this will be an added resource to you as you begin your search for an EHR system that meets your needs.