Increasing Safety, Reducing Costs, and Improving Quality with Dr. Andrew Mellin

By Jim Tate, EMR Advocate
Twitter: @jimtate
Host of The Tate Chronicles#TateDispatches

Dr. Andrew Mellin is a VP and Chief Medical Information Officer at Surescripts (@Surescripts). He has over 20 years of experience in health information technology, patient quality and safety, consumer health and EHR implementation and adoption. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and worked as a hospitalist in St. Paul, MN for 15 years. Surescripts has a large footprint in health information technology. In 2018, 85% of all prescriptions were sent electronically using the Surescripts network and gives providers access to eligibility and formulary information for over 250 million patients. I talked to Dr. Mellin recently on The Tate Chronicles where we took on a number of current topics and issues.

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Hear Jim and Dr. Mellin discuss these topics.

    1. Examples of how Surescripts is increasing safety, reducing costs, and improving quality.
    2. COVID has changed many aspects about how care is delivered in the US. Surescripts played a role in some of these changes and what will be necessary to support the massive vaccination programs for COVID and for the upcoming flu season.
    3. How the pandemic has led to increased scope of practice for pharmacists.
    4. There are so many rapid changes in the way patients are treated today—new technologies, new drugs, new care models. How Surescripts is innovating to support these changes.
    5. New technologies providers can use to reduce their administrative burdens—those things that can lead to burnout and frustrations by the providers and their office staff.
    6. And 2021 predictions.

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