Surveys and Reports: What Can We Learn?

The pandemic is still impacting healthcare on every front. From projected physician shortages, sustaining patient volumes, hospital financial woes, staff training, to health IT application solutions, these are the continued challenges our providers are facing. What can we learn from these reports and surveys?

MGMA Data Report

Optimizing Advanced Practice Providers in Healthcare
November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the previously growing importance of advanced practice providers (APPs) in care delivery and practice performance.

Increasing demands for healthcare point to a projected physician shortage, estimated to reach between 54,100 and 139,000 physicians by 2033. One strategy to address this shortage is to close gaps in primary care access through increased use of APPs. One estimate points to expanded use of nurse practitioners (NPs) could reduce primary care physician (PCP) shortages by 70%.

Central Logic Survey

Central Logic Survey: 96% of Healthcare Executives See Patient Leakage as a Priority
October 2020

Nearly all (96%) of healthcare executives say patient leakage is a priority this year, but only 31% of leaders who have a plan to keep patients within their health system networks believe they have the right tools to accomplish their goals, according to survey results released today from Central Logic, the industry innovator in enterprise visibility and tools to accelerate access to care.

Kaufman Hall Report

National Hospital Flash Report
October 2020

The nation’s hospitals continue to face an uncertain operating environment, with margins fluctuating from month to month. Although September 2020 margins were above September 2019 levels, the Kaufman Hall median Operating Margin Index* stands well below last year’s performance at 2.7% year to date (YTD) through September with CARES funding, and -1.9% without CARES. The Kaufman Hall EBITDA Margin Index stands at 7.5% YTD with CARES funding and 3.2% without CARES, also well below 2019 YTD levels.

DrFirst Survey

DrFirst Survey: 44% of Americans Have Used Telehealth Services During Coronavirus Pandemic but Some Admit Not Paying Attention
October 2020

Nearly half of Americans (44%) have used telehealth services during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but not all of them are paying full attention, according to a recent survey announced by healthcare pioneer DrFirst. DrFirst surveyed more than 1,000 American consumers to explore attitudes and behaviors around telehealth and other facets of healthcare and found that 73% of men and 39% of women report multitasking during telehealth visits. Distractions include:

Relias Report

State of Training and Staff Development Report
September 2020

However, changes wrought in 2020 will have implications for staff development and training for years to come. As a case in point, the coronavirus pandemic has underlined the need to train staff so they are competent and prepared for future crisis situations.

The Relias 2020 State of Training and Staff Development Report, initiated in February before COVID-19 had widespread effects, was designed to take stock of the national perspective on five broad staff development and training issues in healthcare and public safety organizations. Because healthcare operations changed dramatically in the months after the coronavirus threat appeared, we conducted a follow-up survey in June to capture those trends.

Black Book Market Research

Health Systems Focus 2021 HIM Budgets on AI-Powered Enterprise Solutions, Reports 2020 Black Book Coding Survey
November 2020

Black Book Research surveyed 540 health information management executives and revealed that 47% of healthcare organizations are using AI in one form or another, and 90% of them expect widespread implementation in the next five years, despite the operational constraints and financial priorities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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