Healthcare’s Challenging Trio: Quality, Safety, and Complexity


Ongoing Webinar Series on Healthcare Transformation Essentials

Attending HIMSS14 last week in Orlando I was struck by the shift in conversation from the previous three years, moving from the details and challenges of meeting meaningful use to the end game results of health IT adoption.  Big data, analytics, pop health management. These were the buzz words of this year’s conference. Perhaps no surprise given the progress made as we marked our fifth year of the HITECH Act. From 30,000 feet up, health IT adoption is about transforming healthcare.

Health Catalyst is a leading data warehousing and analytics company formed by a group of healthcare veterans with a passion for transforming healthcare. The company is hosting a series of educational webinars on the topic, the second of which is scheduled for March 12.

Topic: How do we address the challenges of quality, safety and complexity as we seek to transform healthcare?
Date: March 12, 1 pm Eastern/12 noon Central

Description: This is a difficult and challenging time in healthcare. We are facing a profound need for change. Anyone involved in leadership and the practice of care knows this is the case. We face an unprecedented level of complexity that is overwhelming our systems and the people trying to practice within them. Far too many outcomes are inadequate. While “first do no harm” is our mantra, we know that the level of harm patients experience when seeking our services is not acceptable. Costs are out of control and waste is widespread. Far too many people lack access to basic health services.  The list goes on.

The healthcare world is changing, and for good reason. We have an opportunity to create a new vision and chart a new course for clinical care and for health. Certainly, anyone involved in healthcare leadership, and arguably everyone involved in healthcare, should participate. We need to create a system of care delivery that allows those working in it — in collaboration with patients — to achieve its potential on behalf of the patients and communities we serve.

Dr. John HaughomSpeaker: Join Dr. John Haughom, a nationally known physician executive and authority on healthcare transformation, in his ongoing series on healthcare reform, a three-part effort to uncover: Section I – Forces Driving Transformation; Section II – The Foundation for Improvement and Sustainable Change; Section III – Looking to the future of Healthcare.

In his first webinar of Section I, Dr. Haughom provided the history and background of healthcare transformation. In his upcoming webinar on March 12, Dr. Haughom will provide an overview of the quality, safety and complexity challenges facing healthcare. This will set the stage for future webinars in the series that will highlight emerging concepts and methods that will allow healthcare providers and organizations to adapt to a rapidly changing future.