Health IT News: This Week’s Posts on EHR Adoption Rates, SCOTUS Ruling

This week’s posts on EHR Adoption Rates, SCOTUS Ruling on ACA and more…

SCOTUS Upholds Affordable Care Act
Back in March the Supreme Court heard three days of oral arguments regarding the Affordable Care Act. The 2010 Affordable Care Act, which constitutes $2.6 trillion and our healthcare system’s biggest overhaul in 50 years, provides health insurance to more than 30 million previously […]…»

CMS Frequently Asked Questions on EHR Technology
CMS maintains a FAQ database on questions submitted for answers. Here are some of the latest entries to the database discussing certified EHR technology. Can an EP use EHR technology certified for an inpatient setting to meet a meaningful use objective and measure? […]…»

Barriers and Opportunities to EHR Adoption
“Healthcare Has Turned Into Consumerism” If you missed Tuesday’s MU Live! you can download the podcast here. During the show our host, Jim Tate, and guest, Dr. Joseph Kim, discussed some of the barriers as well as the opportunities for physicians adopting certified […]…»

Safeguarding PHI in the Age of Mobile Devices
Mobile devices have become notorious for unintended exposure of protected health information (PHI). Between September 22, 2009, and May 8, 2011, for instance, mobile devices were the cause of exposing the PHI of more than 1.9 million patients, a statistic […]…»

HHS Office of Inspector General releases EHR Report
Each cabinet department and independent agency of the federal government has an Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The office is charged with identifying, auditing, and investigating fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement within its department or agency. The OIG recently released a […]…»

CHPL Ver. 2.1 Released Today
The ONC released the newest version of the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) today. The ONC says it introduces new and improved features to the program that supplies Certification IDs to participants in the CMS EHR Incentive programs. Of the updates there is now a new […]…»

Interest in Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Growing
Patient-centered care and patient engagement have become central to the vision of a high value health delivery system. The delivery system is evolving from a fee-for-service transactional payment model to a value-based purchasing model using outcome data and […]…»

American Medical Association Takes Up ICD-11 Cause
ICD-10 proponents are not going to like this one bit. Certainly not any more than they enjoyed my suggestion that the proposed ICD-10 deadline extension puts the U.S. healthcare industry into a strange time warp in which providers […]…»

Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study
In one month it will be a year since my mother passed away living her final years with Alzheimer’s Disease. Now a days it is hard to find someone that hasn’t been touched by this very personal and sad disease. Growing up with a Navy doctor as a […]…»

NeHC Offers Program on Guidelines for Electronic Transactions
The National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) is a public-private partnership that enables secure and interoperable nationwide health information exchange to advance health and improve healthcare. NeHC was established through a grant from the ONC to build on […]…»


Updated Version 4.0 of Meaningful Use Manual for Medical Practices
The 4th edition of The Incentive Roadmap® adds new and expanded information on performance of HIPAA Compliant Security and Risk Analysis for meaningful use, extended chapter for Specialists and new information proposed NPRM for Stage 2.

EHR Buyer Guides
There are hundreds of EHR systems available for just about every medical specialty and practice size. EHR software buyers face a huge challenge as they determine which software is right for their practice.

HIPAA Toolkit
Designed to educate providers on HIPAA rules and regulations, HIPAA Tool Kit is an ideal resource for performing ongoing compliance assessments or creating a new compliance program.

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