HIPAA Right to Access Enforcement

By Art Gross – The Office for Civil Rights isn’t offering leniency just because you’re a small business. Action will be taken, despite the impact that a HIPAA fine can have on this sector of healthcare. And as eleven recent investigations prove the point, many of those were small practices.

What’s the HIPAA Omnibus Rule?

By Art Gross – The HIPAA Omnibus Rule was established to identify and further outline accountability within the entities of healthcare regarding patient data. To understand the HIPAA Omnibus Rule and how it affects these entities, we need to understand who and what are the “moving parts” that make up the operation.

Is That Video Rated HC?

By Art Gross – No, there isn’t such a rating system, but it might be something to consider. There are many different communication platforms that healthcare providers can use to communicate with each other, such as email, instant messenger systems, and even through social media sites.

Say Hi to EHI

By Kathryn Marchesini & Michael Lipinski – ONC’s information blocking regulations apply to interferences with the access, exchange, or use of electronic health information (EHI) (45 CFR Part 171) and define certain exceptions to the definition of information blocking. Thus, it’s important that those subject to the information blocking regulations –

Common HIPAA Mistakes

By Art Gross – As a person who works within the healthcare industry, understanding HIPAA is a necessity, even if it is knowing just the basic rules. These rules and regulations are complex and ever-changing so that they can keep up with the fluid landscape of healthcare, so unless you are an expert, it is unlikely that you know all the details of being compliant.