Health IT News Digest – Posts on Stage 2 Meaningful Use, HIE, mHealth

This week’s posts on Stage 2 Meaningful Use, HIE Market, mHealth and more…

Stage 2 Bridging Issues
Proposed Stage 2 Rules OK, I’m finally ready to to start seriously thinking and talking about Stage 2. I keep remembering all the discussions that took place between the Stage 1 Proposed and Final Rules. Too much time was spent by too many people (I am guilty) trying to read the tea leaves and be […]…»

Which EHR Vendors will Win the Race?
I’ll Have Another in Stage 2? How many times this weekend do you think you might say, “I’ll have another”? I can’t tell you how many times this week I have related to this. And I don’t just mean hitting my wine cellar. This week has had a lot of attention on data, datasets, metadata, […]…»

New and Improved
The goal is to improve the health of all Americans. Not what you would consider a weekend DIY project. Todd Park our once CTO of HHS and now US CTO has been on this mission since he walked into public service three years ago. You can’t help but get caught […]…»

Analyzing the Effect of Stage 2 Meaningful Use Measures
How Does Stage 2 Meaningful Use Relate to Stage 1? Your Meaningful Use (MU) Strategy will have a significant impact on your ability to avoid extra work and disruption to your operation. One of the most important issues to consider in your EHR and MU strategy […]…»

2012 Health Information Exchange Industry Report
The 2012 State of the Health Information Exchange Industry report released by Black Book Rankings late last week looks at the top enterprise health information exchange (HIE) firms based on responses from early adopters, users and implementing customers. In a press release issued by […]…»

International Speaker and Patient Advocate Dave deBronkart aka e-Patient Dave
On this week’s MU Live! we welcome a very special guest – international speaker and leading patient data advocate Dave deBronkart, perhaps better known as e-Patient Dave. The program is sure to be both enlightening and entertaining. You won’t want to miss it. […]…»

Patient Portals Will Stick in Stage 2 Meaningful Use
If you missed yesterday’s MU Live! on patient portals in Stage 2 you can sign up to download the podcast here. During the show our host, Jim Tate, and guest, Steve Emery of HealthPort touched upon a number of different areas on how patient portals will impact […]…»

ONC Health eDecisions Initiative
ONC has announced the launch of there new S&I Framework Initiative, Health eDecisions. According to the ONC, this initiative “will address standards for the ability to exchange clinical decision support interventions”. Health eDecisions will operate as part […]…»

Health Data Initiative Forum III – Day 1 of Health Datapalooza
I had all intentions of attending the Health Data Initiative forum this year but family matters have made that impossible. So what is it all about? HHS, the Institute of Medicine (IoM), and members of the Health Data Consortium are in DC yesterday and today […]…»

Health Information Exchange in Transitions of Care
Transitioning a patient from one mode of care, whether from facilities, providers or home, to another is not only one of the most common activities in the U.S. healthcare system, it is also among the most critical. Yet this vital aspect […]…»

Providing a Clinical Summary to Patients – Part 2
In Part 1 of this post we discussed the basics of core measure #13, what is included in a clinical summary and what forms are acceptable. Like many of the meaningful use objectives and measures you will find situations that need a little more guidance and explanation […]…»

Get Ready for mHealth
What is mobile health, often known as mHealth? While definitions vary, the term generally refers to using mobile devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs and tablets, to support health services or information. Mobile devices can be used for a variety of health-related tasks, […]…»

Providing a Clinical Summary in Stage 1 Meaningful Use
Meaningful use core measure #13 requires the Eligible Professional to provide clinical summaries for patients on each office visit. To satisfy this objective, the EP must attest to providing patients of at least 50% of all office visits a clinical summary within 3 business days of that […]…»

Can Technology Deliver Better Healthcare?
NPR offers podcasts of their programming and I like to listen to my favorite shows while I swim. Talk of the Nation’s Science Friday is always at the top of my play list and this week’s episode just happened to be about digital healthcare […]…»


Updated Version 4.0 of Meaningful Use Manual for Medical Practices
The 4th edition of The Incentive Roadmap® adds new and expanded information on performance of HIPAA Compliant Security and Risk Analysis for meaningful use, extended chapter for Specialists and new information proposed NPRM for Stage 2 […]…»

EHR Buyer Guides
There are hundreds of EHR systems available for just about every medical specialty and practice size. EHR software buyers face a huge challenge as they determine which software is right for their practice. Listed below are links to EHR buyer guides […]…»

HIPAA Toolkit
Designed to educate providers on HIPAA rules and regulations, HIPAA Tool Kit is an ideal resource for performing ongoing compliance assessments or creating a new compliance program […]…»

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