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What makes marketing in the health IT space unique? Who are the movers and shakers? What’s working, what’s trending? Where can you learn more? This monthly roundup post will focus in on all things health IT when it comes to marketing.

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Don’t Miss What’s My Tagline? – Now in our Podcast Network
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On this episode of What’s My Tagline?  I welcome back Scott Zeitzer and Michael Roberts from Health Connective, a custom marketing solutions company for medtech and pharma offering web application design, website design and marketing services for practices. Scott and Michael also host the incredibly popular podcast, Paradigm Shift of Healthcare. The two joined me to discuss a recent two part series on their show on “Nailing Your Marketing Mix” highlighting how providers can sometime lose their way in marketing their practice and how to get them back on track.

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Amendola Communications
So You Want To Be On A Podcast? – Chris Nerney, Senior Writer at Amendola Communications (@AmendolaComm) says, There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of healthcare podcasts available to listeners in 2021. There even are podcast networks devoted exclusively to healthcare topics. For healthcare professionals, these podcasts can provide valuable information. They also offer a platform for healthcare pros to get their messages across as podcast guests.

The Challenge of Branding a Spin-Off – By Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) – As a self-proclaimed marketing geek, I love a good brand story. J2 Global, an internet information and services company recently announced a spin-off of their healthcare division, which will become its own entity called Consensus. I caught up with Bevey Miner, their Global Chief Marketing Officer to learn more about the exciting news.

KNB Communications
Why healthcare marketers can benefit from storytelling in 3 short steps – Monica Manna at KNB Communications (@KNBComm) writes, Storytelling has historically been used to remember morals, themes, and certain messages. Now, sources such as Forbes call storytelling the hottest trend in the field of marketing and communications. For these reasons, storytelling should bring value to your healthcare marketing campaigns. Conveying a story in your marketing strategy will help your prospects and current health tech clients better understand your brand’s message and capabilities. Think about how you want your customers to feel when they think about your brand and its story.

Search Engine Positioning: What You Need To Know – Alex Cox, Senior Writer at Brafton (@Brafton) says, If your website’s content doesn’t rank on the very first search engine results page (SERP) of Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or any other search engine, it may as well not exist for most people. Not only that. Even on SERP page one, there are sharply diminishing returns, in terms of click-through rate (CTR) for all search results after the top result. That means that ranking fifth or sixth instead of second or third can be the difference between being seen and being invisible.

3 ways to leverage a results-driven marketing agency for your success – Brian Shilling, Branding & Digital Marketing Director at ClarityQuest (@CQmarketing) writes, If the marketing agency you’ve hired is struggling to prove ROI, keep you satisfied, or prove that their marketing efforts are working, their measurement and reporting could be the culprit. Whether your agency is tracking results but not communicating them clearly to you or you need to refocus their measurement plan, follow these three tips to get the most out of your agency relationship.

Matter Communications
4 Tips To Empower The Creative Process For Remote Teams – Alli Axelsen at Matter Communications (@MatterComm) says, Remote work continues to gain popularity and remains a necessity for the modern workplace. But how do you continue fostering top-notch work from afar? Stellar creative teams — like the award-winning bunch at Matter — thrive on an environment that’s part serendipity and part calculation. Similarly, designing a workflow that supports creatives who don’t share an office can be a tango. To help home-based creatives find the balance they need to craft stunning work, they must be given time to collaborate with the team, communicate their ideas and manage requests. At Matter, we have a few tried and true practices for making this balancing act a little more effortless across our (currently remote) teams.

Agency News

Connect America Engages Amendola Communications for Strategic PR and Marketing Services
Amendola Communications (@AmendolaComm) announced that Connect America, the nation’s largest independent provider of medical alert systems, has selected the firm to amplify client successes and industry best practices after a competitive review of agencies.

Infectious Disease Testing Leader Alveo Technologies Engages Amendola Communications
Amendola Communications (@AmendolaComm) announced that infectious disease testing technology leader Alveo Technologies has chosen the firm as its public relations agency to manage thought leadership initiatives, media relations, content marketing and social media.


Urgent Care Marketing 101 – free, online marketing eBook from Experity (@ExperityHealth)
An urgent care clinic, like any business, is only profitable if patients continue to use its services over time. Unfortunately, many urgent care facilities have a restricted marketing budget, which can severely limit new business volume and community engagement. According to Andrew Ibbotson, Vice President of the National Research Corp. in Nebraska, “Urgent care traffic is driven more by online search results, geography, wait times, and availability than traditional healthcare delivery.” These added complications make identifying the most effective marketing strategies for your walk-in clinic even more essential to success.

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Aria Marketing



Amendola Communications

Job Openings in Marketing

Check out these openings from LinkedIn:

From Greenway Health, an opening for a Product Marketing Manager
From Greenway Health, an opening for a Marketing Automation Specialist
From Lewis, an opening for a PR Account Manager
From the Cleveland Clinic, an opening for a Communications Manager, Health Essentials Writer
From Imprivata, an opening for a Regional Field Marketing Manager
From Zocdoc, an opening for a Senior Product Marketing Manager
From Healthcare Success, an opening for a SVP/VP of Digital Marketing




Thought Leadership in Healthcare: 2021 Landscape for Audio Content
In today’s digital and social media driven world, thought leadership as part of a content and branding strategy has never been more critical. The COVID-19 pandemic brings additional challenges as health IT companies and organizations pivot messaging and approach, some struggling to find a foothold, and a voice, in these incredibly challenging times.

On this webinar, Carol Flagg of Answers Media Network/HealthcareNOW Radio discussed: Overview of Voice Marketing; Latest research on audio content; The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; Differences in streaming audio content and what that means for Alexa and Siri; How audio content provides an opportunity to create multiple content usages; The elephant in the room – Listener Analytics; ROI. Watch the recording.

Overrated & Underused
Tune in to one of our latest shows, Overrated & Underused. Killer public relations, marketing and social media in healthcare requires making the right moves at the right time. Hosts, experienced marketers Jen Jennings (@Jen_Jennings) and Tom Testa (@Tom_Testa) have emerged from the trenches to provide the answers. In each episode, they will debate the most OVERRATED and UNDERUSED promotional tactics – evaluating each not only for their effectiveness, but their cost-effectiveness, while sharing best practice examples and challenging the status quo. Take a listen.