Going Beyond the AI Hype in Healthcare Marketing ft. Ryan Younger

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly ubiquitous in marketing technologies. It’s no longer enough to use AI but instead must be questioned to understand how it’s being used and what the underlying strategy is.

Ryan Younger, VP of Marketing at Virtua Health, has built a proven marketing strategy using innovation and a consumer-focused mindset. Hear Chris Hemphill’s discussion with Ryan Younger about strategies to be more metrics-driven, agile, and better aligned with each consumer.

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5 Major Takeaways:

  1. Application of AI starts with a well-defined marketing strategy. AI can be applied to many different areas – from CRM and data management to media buying to online customer interaction – and a key to using it effectively is to create a focused, skilled team that works together to drive positive change for consumers.
  2. Trying different marketing strategies and refining out the negative aspects works well overall, and much can be learned from creating good partnerships with other organizations. Partnerships are extensions of a great team.
  3. Currently, AI has to be trained and challenged for a while before it can be used in any helpful way. A helpful improvement would be making AI easier to adapt and use in a practical setting.
  4. AI often needs to be researched and understood better before it can be used effectively. Have the confidence to ask questions and challenge the reasons behind the use of a new AI.
  5. Consumers are making their own choices within the healthcare industry now. Healthcare is constantly evolving, and there are a lot of complexities to understand better within the industry.

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