Checking In on Hospital EHR APIs

By Catherine Strawley & Wes Barker – Thanks to a decade of effort, nearly every U.S. hospital today stores health data electronically. To put that data to work, however, clinicians and patients need to be able to access and appropriately share that data.

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APIs for Research: Perspectives from Providers

By Mera Choi, Stephanie Garcia, & Chelsea Richwine – The Cures Act Final Rule includes regulatory requirements to implement secure, standards-based application programming interfaces. To support the acceleration of API adoption in health care, ONC has published a series of perspective reports that focus on key stakeholders and their views on APIs.

APIs for Research: Perspectives from App Developers and Data Integrators

By Mera Choi, Stephanie Garcia, Chelsea Richwine, Christian Johnson, & Brittney Boakye – In ONC’s “App Developer and Data Integrator Perspectives” report – the third in the “Accelerating APIs” report series – we assess the current landscape of API-based health information exchange in a rapidly evolving electronic health data ecosystem.

Reshaping Data Exchange

By Jonathan Shannon – The concept of interoperability in healthcare IT has had its fair share of challenges over the years. Compounding challenges around security, organizing the vast amount of data, and making such data available in a timely fashion has hampered the ability to meaningfully exchange such information in healthcare.

Friday at Five: Sharing Five Good Reads

When you can’t get off the couch after too much turkey and pumpkin pie, or when you are stuck at an airport like you knew you would be, here are five articles for holiday reading. Safe travels and stay safe this holiday weekend.