Data-Driven CRM Strategies in Healthcare

Successful healthcare providers require a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy to effectively manage their patient base and communications. A successful CRM strategy should not only focus on the management of patient data, but also on improving the quality of care provided and reducing administrative overhead. It should be designed to maximize the efficiency of patient outreach, while also providing a strong foundation for data-driven decision making.

Listen to Chris Dufresne, VP of Digital Products and Marketing Technology at Allina Health, and Alan Tam, Chief Marketing Officer at Actium Health, as they discuss adoption, misconceptions, pitfalls, and effectiveness of CRM technologies.

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5 Key Takeaways:

  1. To get started with CRM adoption, understand the executive and board level sentiment for CRM. If it’s not there, start educating them. It’s important to simply start somewhere. For example, you can start with a single department such as marketing instead of an enterprise-wide initiative.
  2. For identifying which channels to leverage, start by asking your customers, “What method of communication would you prefer? Could we reach out to you via text or email?” That will help make sure you’re tailoring communications to the patient’s preferences instead of assuming what they want.
  3. Pitfalls to look out for when implementing a CRM includes ensuring quality data with a place to govern it. In addition, it is important to communicate that you are not establishing another Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and that the clinical information will still stay in the EMR.
  4. Measuring ROI and effectiveness of a CRM includes showing efficiencies such as launching a campaign with ease then measuring its effectiveness. If keeping in touch with patients was difficult or not happening previously then make note of that change.
  5. To maximize the benefits of a CRM, start by creating a strategic vision for the organization’s end-to-end customer experience. From there, set measurable goals, map out the implementation, and then execute on it. Finally, measure the impact of your implementation and course correct as necessary.

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Alan Tam

Chief Marketing Officer at Actium Health
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As the Podcast Host for Hello Healthcare and Chief Marketing Officer at Actium Health, Alan is on a mission to help healthcare accelerate their digital transformation and advancement of the healthcare consumer experience. Through story telling and sharing insights from innovative healthcare leaders, Alan is hoping to drive meaningful impact and change to healthcare one conversation at a time.

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