Connected Health Infographics

Using a picture and visual graphics to represent data and information is called an infographic. It is a great way to display statistical data that shows comparisons or charts that come from research and reports. In these Connected Health infographics see the top 10 trends for 2015, how Americans manage health & communication with providers, what a virtual coach is, and the benefits and challanges of a connected health environment. See other infographics we have featured.

Connected Health #1Top 10 Connected Health Trends for 2015
Connected health engages patients, members, providers, and the health community using technology to deliver quality care outside of the traditional medical setting. Perficient has identified the top 10 connected health trends and highlighted them in this infographic. For an in depth look at each trend check out their newly published guide on the Top 10 Connected Health Trends for 2015.

This infographic is brought to you by Perficient (@Perficient_HC), a leading technology and management consulting firm serving Global 2000 and enterprise customers throughout North America. Their digital experience, business optimization, and industry solutions enable clients to improve productivity and competitiveness; strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners; and reduce costs.

Connected Health #3A Patient and Virtual Coach
Real time biometric and wellness data combined with behavioral and social information gives a holistic view of the patient. Care providers can leverage personal devices and sensors to increase self-management, apply gamification and analytics to change patient behavior, and provide healthcare professionals with access to real-time information to enable proactive support and intervention. See the infographic, “A Patient and Her Virtual Coach,” from Cadient, a Cognizant company.

This infographic is brought to you by Cadient (@CadientGroup), a Cognizant (@Cognizant) company. Cadient is a digital healthcare marketing agency that provides strategic consulting and technology-enabled solutions for the life sciences industry. Cognizant combines a passion for client satisfaction, technology innovation, deep industry and business process expertise and a global, collaborative workforce that embodies the future of work.

Connected Health #2The State of the Connected Patient 2015
To explore how Americans today manage their health and communicate with providers, Salesforce conducted its 2015 State of the Connected Patient research.  This report is based on a survey of 1,700 adults with health insurance and a primary care physician. Take a look at their findings in the complete infographic.

This infographic is from Salesforce, an industry-leading customer platform that has become the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem. Industries and companies of all sizes can connect to their customers like never before using the latest innovations in mobile, social, and cloud technology thanks to their dedicated employees, partners, and the customers they serve.

Connected Health #4Benefits and Challenges of a Connected Health Environment
Connected health technology is changing the roles of providers and patients, giving patients the tools to be on the driving end of healthcare for the very first time. In this survey, MedData Group polled physicians across a variety of specialties, ages, and practice sizes to understand their future vision for connected health, as well as the challenges predictions for adopting connected health technology. The complete infographic is reflective of the 171 physicians who participated.

This infographic is brought to you by MedData Group (@MedDataGroup), who provides data solutions, demand generation programs and content marketing services for providers of pharmaceuticals, healthcare technology, medical devices, publishers, medical education, professional services and others looking to engage with professional healthcare audiences.