Health Innovation

3 Consequences of Poor Referral Management

By Matt Dickson – Referrals can be a stressful transition for patients especially at a time when they are experiencing an escalation of care or change in diagnosis. Quality health outcomes depend upon patients’ adherence to recommended treatment regimens and that starts by providing patients with clear expectations and visibility into their care transitions.

Embracing Health Tech to Navigate Change

By Scott Zeitzer – So far, this year has thrown a lot of unexpected changes in the way of medical practices. COVID-19 has forced a lot of practices to pivot quickly and change a lot of their normal processes to accommodate new requirements and patient needs. Those that could not pivot quickly have had a harder time recovering.

Investing in Advanced Manufacturing to Support Public Health Preparedness

By Stephen M. Hahn MD & Anand Shah MD – Americans may be surprised to learn that many 21st century medical products are still being manufactured using technologies commonly employed since the middle of the last century. These manufacturing platforms are not dynamic and can increase the risk of shortages, limit flexibility during an emergency, and contribute to the high cost of medical products.