Health Innovation

5 Advancements in Stroke Research You Might Have Missed

By Devin Partida – With COVID-19, it’s easy to overlook advancements not related to the psndemic. February is Heart Health Month, which means it’s an ideal time to look at five recent developments in stroke research. Having a healthy heart reduces a patient’s risk of strokes.

How Healthcare Technology Is Taking on Child Abuse

By Luke Smith – In the wake of COVID-19, advancements in healthcare tech allowed us to shift to many healthcare processes to a virtual environment. Telehealth took off and with it came greater flexibility in how and where patients could receive treatment. Now, some of that same technology is being applied to the fight against child abuse.

Six Tech Trends That Will Influence Physician Practices in 2021

By Roland Therriault – Every year presents new challenges to healthcare leaders, but 2020 threw a curveball like few others: Covid-19. Over the last 10 months, physician practices and their partners have had to rethink healthcare clinical and billing practices and embrace new technology even when they weren’t ready for it.