A Voice for Transforming People with Diabetes

A Conversation with Frank Westermann

Frank Westermann, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, 9am.health
Twitter: @9am_health

Frank Westermann is the co-founder and co-CEO of 9AM.health, a StartUp Health portfolio company headquartered in San Diego, CA. 9am.health is a virtual diabetes clinic that delivers personalized, affordable, and compassionate care directly to consumers. Their website displays the mantra: “Diabetes care that fits your life”. Further noting: “Get online prescriptions, meds delivered and a team of specialists on your schedule.”

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Episode Takeaways

  1. Frank Westermann is more than the founder and CEO of 9 AM Heath – he’s a voice for transforming people with diabetes from “patients” and recognizes that they are among the biggest customers of health and wellness products.
  2. Westermann, a long-time digital health entrepreneur, translates his experience as a teen diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes into a business call-to-action, paving the way for easier access to services and products that improve people’s care.
  3. Health Unabashed Host Gil Bashe and Frank Westermann explore whether the “patient” is the center of the healthcare system or an afterthought. Westermann advocates for a radical shift in mindset, making people with health concerns customers. Westermann explains that engaging people with diabetes as partners in care, using technology to personalize health delivery – from food choices to physical activity to time management.
  4. Disease requires supply chain “time” management – the friction points suck up time from people’s lives and influence the pathway to better health or illness. 9 AM seeks to reduce that friction and make it easier for people with diabetes to journey their days and chronic condition.
  5. Friction points don’t have to be. Westermann and his 9 AM colleagues tackle two significant issues: accessibility to essential health services such as labs and obtaining needed medical supplies. Westermann and team outline how making healthcare easier to engage translates into better outcomes and happier people.


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