12 Days to Christmas – So Far!

It has been 10 years now that we have done our 12 Day to Christmas Countdown. We are now publishing it on Healthcare NOW Radio but we didn’t want you to miss a post. So here is what’s happened to far.

Day 1: We kicked off our countdown with the biggest #1 news of the year – Our radio station has past 1 million listeners and our podcast network has past 1 million plays!

Check out Day 1.

On day two of our 12 Days to Christmas Posts HealthcareNOW Radio gives to me: two new shows we love! While our station has some classic shows that have been with us since the start, we can’t help but shine some love on our two newest additions.

The first new show we love, Healthcare Upside/Down our veteran host, Dr. Nick and his guests takes us on a journey of the ups and downs of healthcare in the United States, Follow NOW #HCUpsidedown.

On the second show we love, The Virtual Shift, host Tom Foley and guests reimagine the delivery of care. Follow NOW #thevirtualshift.

Check out Day 2.

On day three of our 12 Days to Christmas Posts and we say Merci, to these three not French, but frequent and dependable contributors to our Health IT Answers news site.

We thank them and all our guest contributors who share their knowledge and insights on an array of health IT topics each and every day. We do like this time of year and we couldn’t let the season pass without acknowledging industry experts and bloggers who have contributed. Meet Devin, Dan, and Art.

Check out Day 3.

On Day 4 HealthcareNOW Radio gave to me: four twitter lists calling to thee!

Do you hear what I hear? The tweets of the calling birds are calling out the lists you should be following. Everyone who is associated with HealthcareNOW Radio can be found on these lists. From our industry family, hosts, guests, and many more, follow along to see what these calling birds are tweeting.

Check out our lists on Day 4.