WordPress for Care Automation

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I am talking to Kulmeet Singh (@kulmeets), the CEO of Twistle (@twistleapp). They are building a multi-functional platform patient engagement or put another way

WordPress for Care Automation

That is platform and device agnostic using whatever exists to power everything behind the scenes avoiding the dreaded “portalitis” using some of the experiences developed over years of working in the Speech Recognition space where success came from narrowing the focus to limit the patterns. Hear more about his origin story.

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We discuss some of their learning points including the fact that designing a system to satisfy the small individual client in healthcare may seem a quick way to win business but ultimately costs you more time and resource as you try and expand the market.

His incremental learning points included:

  • Learn from previous innovation and don’t limit yourself to the US for ideas
  • Don’t be too narrow when you problem-solve (this is how they arrived at building a platform)
  • Build solutions for large systems which initially takes longer but saves time over the long run

They hope to see their solution applied in the future in Africa and beyond to allow wider access filling the gaps of available resources with technology to expand access and even turn the engagement from what is oftentimes perceived to be a cost into an income stream engaging and offering a simple shortcode that patients can text to get onto a pathway.

Listen in to hear about one fo their early success stories that included the basic problem of navigating from the car park to the surgical center for patients and how a nurse and GoPro camera with Twistle provided a highly effective and patient-friendly solution.

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