Where to Start With Health Equity

Let’s start with what we believe to be the biggest issue in healthcare: health equity. We like to think that our health system is meant to serve everyone, but we see further disparities when we look at access by race, gender identity, sexual orientation, location, and many other factors. As healthcare leaders operating in our own tiny pieces of a gigantic system, what can we do?

Join Chris Hemphill as they guide us through conversations with some of the people driving change and hear how they’re strategizing, leading organizations, and using data-driven approaches.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Health equity is about creating an environment that creates a fair and just opportunity for everyone to be as healthy as possible. Healthcare equity is recognizing the disparities that keep people from accessing care and the potential burden of those obstacles. Race, gender, and income differences are important to recognize in providing value-based care.
  2. One often-missed focus is providing care for veterans, less than half of which are registered with the VA.
  3. Social determinants of health are crucial factors to consider, because it doesn’t matter how much a person is willing to take a health-related action if that person is losing their home, has lost their job, or is facing a similar overwhelming challenge. Large social and economic issues create enormous obstacles to people’s access to valuable healthcare.
  4. Biases often get the best of people, especially when those biases aren’t examined. Everyone should ask themselves if they are thinking negative thoughts about other people based on race, color, gender, or other aspects. Accept that everyone has unrealistic expectations for others to some degree.
  5. A helpful exercise to understand others’ experiences is employee journey mapping. It follows the same format as customer journey mapping, but looks at the lives of colleagues and executives.

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